Snow in Missoula

A beautiful December Morning with Fresh Snow, just west of Missoula

The snow is on the ground in Missoula. It makes things look clean and crisp and “in the season”. We have had many years when we waited and waited for the first snow. The ski areas are open and boasting many of their runs as open. I have not ventured up yet, for several reasons. I was bogged down with a nasty cold that just knocked me out. I sure hope that people are building up their resistance. Fortunately, the worst is over for my cold. I think it may have taken a little longer for me to kick it, as I was working all along.

This time of year people say that Real Estate slows down, but for me it has always had a year end bounce. I helped one couple put a home under contract and we are now going through the inspection process. Another couple came from out of town to continue to look at homes. They are very actively searching for a home with one level living, but would be okay with other levels for the time being. I have also been having showings steadily on listings. It’s a great time to be on the market, because there is less inventory, so listings are getting showings. I even received an offer on one home last week, but the owners are now holding off on selling, as they have nowhere to move.

And even more fun, we have met with three different couples in the past two weeks considering building new homes. Yes thinking about building a home. This is great news, as it confirms that people will and are continuing to get on with their lives. They are moving, they are buying, they are selling and yes, even thinking of building. Whether we go over a fiscal cliff or not, I think we will continue to see more of the same in the new year.

In the meantime, enjoy the snow, enjoy the holidays and ring in the NEW YEAR with a sense of happiness, purpose and optimism.

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