Leland Earls Agent/Associate

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I am a furious worker and a great negotiator, at your service.  Representing clients in both residential and commercial listings, searches, and transactions, you can be assured that your needs will be met when you work with me.

A bit about myself:  I was born and raised in the beautiful town of Missoula, Montana before moving to Eugene, Oregon to attend the University of Oregon.  I Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2010 and then hit the trail!  I started walking long distance trails through the wildernesses of the west –  a passion that changed my life and gave me a real love of place, first sparking my interest in real estate.  Over a few short years, I walked:

The Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada: 2650 miles

The Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada: 3100 miles

The Florida Trail from the swampy everglades to the end of the panhandle: 1000 miles

The Arizona Trail from Mexico to Utah: 800 Miles

I worked as a commercial Fisherman off of Kodiak Island, Alaska to support my dreams of seeing as much of this beautiful country as possible.  I have seen more spectacular vistas and laid my feet on more land than most would in a lifetime – and the epiphany that came from these adventures?    I have had a blast on the move, but in all those years, I never did find a place as perfect as Missoula.  I have seen Kodiak bears fighting on an endless beach under the dim sun at 2am and couldn’t help but think of how nice it would be to have a barbecue in the sand on the banks of the Blackfoot.  I have been trekking in the Colorado Mountains and when Brekenridge came into view far below, I thought about how perfect Missoula looks from the top of Squaw peak. 

            One summer, I was ripping fish out of a net in a gale-force wind off the coast of Kodiak, and it hit me! Missoula is my home.  It is my pleasure to seek out all of western Montana’s nooks and crannies, finding niches for the diverse and interesting group of people that compose Missoula!  Did you know that there is a dead-end alley that cuts to the river in East Missoula?  That a spot overlooking the bitterroot mountains on a creek can be cheaper than a lot off of Mullan Road?  Did you know you can have your own trailhead into the national forest and still be at the Good Food Store in 15 minutes?   Western Montana is full of opportunity.  It is up and coming, and we are along for this leg of the adventure! 

Whether I am on a hike above the rattlesnake or flying my paraglider above the valley, I am always thinking of the real estate that composes this place we all love.  Give me a call for some unique insight on what is going on in our beautiful little corner of the world.







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