April 15, 2013–Tax Day, Real Estate, The Continental Divide and so much more-

Yesterday was tax day, of course, April 15, 2013.  But as the day was bustling by, it was at a stand still for many. I was busy all day, as many Mondays are for me. The Real Estate market has been steady as we head into spring. Buyers are diving in and sellers are ready to move forward with their lives. I just closed on one property last week and am preparing to close on another this week.  I am working on three home inspections on a variety of homes. And helping people decide if its the right time to buy or sell. Which of course, it is, if their lives are ready to move ahead to another phase. But with all this bustle of Real Estate, two serious things affected my life on tax day, Monday, April 15, 2013. I was driving up to show a home I have listed in the Rattlesnake when I heard that the Boston marathon had been abruptly shattered by some blasts, some bombs. Terrorists trying to disrupt a wonderful life for so many on a sunny day in Boston. What a shock to our systems. I watched the news a bit when I returned later in the evening, but I really can’t stand watching when they really don’t have much to say. The answers will come and we will know….

In the forefront of my mind, was my eldest son. He started on that same day, yesterday, Monday, tax day at the border of Mexico and Canada on the Continental Divide Trail. He is hoping/planning to hike back home to Montana along the Continental Divide through New Mexico, through Colorado, through Wyoming and through Montana. We will follow his trail on a map and hopefully hear from him, as he picks up the “drops” that he sends himself along the way. So Leland was on my mind, picturing him unloading his pack as he begins his journey home again. It will help to Blog a bit as he goes. It helps to keep my mind focused. And now I think about the fact that he doesn’t know about the Boston marathon today.  One of the few…………

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