Its Friday in Missoula–and a great time to Buy Real Estate

It’s Friday in Missoula. What a week it has been. Hurricane Sandy hit the NJ coast with a fury. I have many relatives and friends there. How miserable. Some are without power, so food is beginning to spoil and it’s getting hard to keep warm. My sister is boiling water, as she has a gas stove. That is fortunate that at least she has gas. You don’t often think of these things until you depend on them. I know they will all be back on their feet, but what an ordeal.
Here, the fall is definitely settling in. Sunday ends Daylight Savings Time. I wish it would never come back. It doesn’t seem to make sense in this day and age. The election will soon be over. So we won’t see the wastefulness in our mailboxes or on our air time.
Real Estate sellers want to move on with their lives, especially by this time of year. There are some great price reductions, that buyers should take notice of sooner than later. We won’t always have such low interest rates. Payments on homes are close or less than rents now. I have been seeing more visits to listings, so perhaps buyers are getting ready to move ahead.
I am also meeting with many people preparing to sell and thinking about the spring already. Time goes faster and faster the older you get. So it definitely isn’t too soon to think about selling. And I don’t know why people wait until Spring? Last year some of my busiest time in real estate was during the holidays.
I think that people have time off work or time to travel here and look at homes. They also think about moving and maybe settling in for a new year. Whatever the reason, it was busy.
Tonight is the GAGA night at the galleries and also a parade for Day of the Dead. (or is it night of the dead?) Which ever, I always look forward to a fun night in downtown Missoula.

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