Snow April 22 2013–One month into Spring



We had quite the snow last night and this morning woke up to several inches of fresh white snow. The sun was shining, so it was quite beautiful.  After all, it is over one month into spring.

The Real Estate market is moving along nicely. Homes under $200,000 near the center of town are in high demand. As the market picks up even more, the circle will radiate further from Missoula. While many enjoy the urban core, there are still others who wish for a little elbow room. And the farther out of town, the more your dollars will buy.

On the home front, Leland has been on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) for exactly one week now. I am expecting that he will be at his first stop today. That is according to his calendar. I hope to hear from him today or sometime soon for an update. Writing helps!! I also purchased a nice frame for a full map of the entire trail. I want to follow it and put dates and maybe comments along the way.

His brother is finishing up his first year in college in Flagstaff AZ. He is doing great and soon will be headed back to Missoula for the summer. We can’t wait!!

There are the updates from Missoula and the CDT for today. Happy Monday!!




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