Spring in Missoula and we are loving it!!


Spring is alive in Missoula. Just look at this picture and you can smell the flowers in our back yard. Norman decided to plop down right in the middle of the irises. In the background you can see the white flowers that I think are called snow in spring. And the purple flowers are Lewis’s Flax named for Lewis and Clark. They are prolific and the sprigs of color flower the fields.

High School graduation was this weekend, so the town was alive with celebrations. Some had relatives visit from out of town and even out of state. I met some folks that were visiting and decided to look at some property while they were here. I obliged, as its always fun to meet people who are excited about our town and the possibilities of moving here. We will keep in touch and who knows, they may move back to Missoula.

This week I also closed on a wonderful home with a first time home buyer. It was a definite delight. I have known the buyer since before he was born and this is going to be such a great home for him. There is a huge yard and its close enough to his work that he can walk. So nice. I also worked with some friends to help them find an investment property and we just had the inspection performed.   I also met and discussed listing some homes with some sellers starting to consider whether its time to jump into the market.

It was a busy productive week. Our younger son, Carter,  is home from college and just started building a home with my husband. There is nothing as nice as watching a new home spring up from the ground where there was once an empty field. The views are absolutely amazing. This is going to be a wonderful home site. What a nice change for Carter to go from studying Chemistry, Statistics and Math to spending the summer using his hands and head in a different way.

Finally, our Leland just celebrated his birthday this Saturday in the mountains of Colorado. He is now up at 13,000 feet up and down. He sounds happy and getting stronger and stronger. There are still blizzards up high and feet of snow. He has gone over 800 miles on this journey and my favorite comment that he made was when he said that he doesn’t want to rush it. Its a tough trip with just a finite amount of time in the season to reach his goal of Canada, but its a grand trip of a lifetime and not one to hurry through either.

A good time in the west. A beautiful spring. And time to keep enjoying and smelling those flowers.









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