Sunday on a Smoky Day in Missoula in the Real Estate World

Hi Again,

Its Sunday and I just drafted up my article for the Missoulian’s Boomer section which comes out the first week in October. I always find that at first its hard to come up with the idea. But once the topic appears in my mind, the article becomes fun to write. I know its because it has become personal and I write about my own situations. This one, once again is very personal. It made me chuckle in some sections and think in others. I hope it does the same for others that may wish to read it.

I also just received a call from a showing on a home that I have advertised today in the paper. They also went on line to see the pictures. I hope they came onto my website! But regardless, I am always happy to have a showing.

This will be a busy week, so I am working a little today, so I can be on top of things for the week to come. Tomorrow I photograph a new listing coming up and fill out paperwork for another.

I am also preparing for a closing that we have tentatively scheduled for the end of the week. I say tentatively, as the underwriting paperwork is quite large. And you just never know how long it may take.

So now I will plan for a nice dinner and decide whether to take the dogs for a walk in this horrendous smoke. I really need to. We talked with our youngest son at College and he is doing great settling in during Freshman year away from home. Our eldest will be here next week from Alaska after a great fishing season. His college degree helped him get the job, I like to think and during this recession, who knows? He is doing well.

My Masters Degree in Public Administration has served me well. And now as a Real Estate Broker, it may not have been a requirement, but it sure helps me everyday in decision making.  I strongly believe in the value of a good education.

OK–now off to make chocolate chip cookies! Enjoy the Sunday.

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