Sunny Friday April 26….

It is sunny and beautiful in Missoula today. I just saw a great quote in my bluebirding newsletter. I forgot who said it, but it goes: It doesn’t matter that its the first day of spring, but that it is the first spring day. We have had some really nice ones already, but there has been some winter in between, I think.

Real Estate updates: buyers are making offers and sellers are putting their homes on the market. Properties are going under contract quickly around the $200,000 or lower range. Of course it always depends on where they are located. I helped a first time buyer see a home the first day it came on the market this week and we were fortunate to get it under contract.

Also this week, a buyer was very pleased to get an appraisal back that was on target and we can now go forward with her closing. I am working with a commercial buyer and we have been working for a while now trying to identify a property and think we have finally found one. That is a success!

Leland Updates: Of course, some of the best part of the week is that Leland called for the first time on the trail of the Continental Divide and is almost to his first drop. He is somewhere near Gila Hot Springs, probably north of there by today. They were told that it has been a lucky year, as a cold front moved in. However a cold front in the desert was not much relief for a Montana boy. The first drop will be at Pie Town, so that will be a nice milestone.

What I love about Real Estate is the people I constantly meet. this week a woman called who is looking to rightsize. so we met and started discussing her current home and where she might move.  We got a little sidetracked (as I do!) and she shared some great stories about her family. Her parents were married in Lourdesburg NM and now, I know where that is, as that is where Leland’s trip started. That is where he had to find a ride to the Mexico border to start his hike.  Her family is related to a territorial sheriff in NM  and she shared such rich wonderful stories. Her parents homesteaded when they were 18. What a different world to me. I encouraged her to have their storied printed. The world has changed so much. Although places in NM still look a bit unchanged. We did get back on track and will meet in a couple of weeks to look at her options closer and help her decide if she is ready to take the plunge. I think she is. I look forward to more stories!!

Carter went camping with friends in AZ last weekend and collected a tarantula that was enormous. He found it when he turned over a rock to start a camp fire ring. Yichhhs. they brought it home in a cooler. He promised it was in his friends possession and not his. Almost final week in flagstaff, so for now he will have nose to the grindstone.

Back to Real Estate. Lots going on and more new things each day.

Open House on Sunday, so I hope it goes well, as my clients are moving south to OK and are ready to sell.

I think I will bring some treats>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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