Thanksgiving and The Missoula Real Estate Market

Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow. It is a bit earlier this year, as that is the way the Thursday seems to hit. It feels warmer than it should be, however the rain is certainly always welcome.

The Real Estate world in the Missoula area is doing well. I hosted an open house at a beautiful home on the lake in Lolo. I was the only show in town, so to speak, so I had a lot of people visiting. There were young couples, looking for their first home, parents previewing for their daughter and a variety of others interested in the area. My conclusion is that buyers are out there looking and sellers should be on the market. I know it can be hard during the holidays, however, maybe that is a good time, too. Your house may be spruced up and feeling really homey.

If a showing calls us, it could be a great excuse to go out to breakfast or lunch or dinner. Or you could even take in a movie.

I am showing homes on Friday to a buyer coming in from out of town and it may be the perfect day. Some of the sellers are out of town for the holiday. So it’s even easier.

It also feels like its going to be warm and a nice time to drive around.

I am looking forward to a relaxing holiday and also visiting with some great clients.

I even have a showing set up already for Monday and was just pulled away from this blog to show three of my listings this afternoon.

All great news and fun in the Missoula Real Estate market. I wouldn’t wait until spring, if I were going to sell.

‘Til next time…..cheers and have a great one (whatever it is you enjoy.)


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