Joy’s First Real Estate Blog

This is my first Blog. I have never even participated in one. I did follow my friend who successfully biked from Portland to NYC last year. That was fun to read. But I admit there has to be a reason to draw me in. And I never did jump in the conversation. I just emailed him.

Frankly, I think most people are interested in Real Estate in some way or another. Either they own property, would like to own property or follow the ups and downs of the market and are glad they aren’t a part of it at all.

Of course, since I am a Real Estate Broker, I am somewhat obsessed with Real Estate. Most days I look at our local market and talk to people, some who are equally obsessed. And others that are just hoping to make a living buying or selling. I enjoy the search, I enjoy finding just the right property and I enjoy putting the deals together. Frankly, in this tougher market, I enjoy the challenge even more.

I am not quite sure how this Blog will go, but I am looking forward to writing about some of my days and giving my view of what is happening. I don’t know who might come along for the ride, but for now, I guess I am okay just rambling along. I do have a hope, though, that once in a while someone will chime in.

I am always looking for a good story, as I write a column once a month for the Missoulian. And perhaps people are getting tired of my stories.

Right now, I just returned from walking our dogs in this insufferable horrible nasty smoke from fires south of here coming across the Idaho border. I have to walk, though, because I spend so much time in front of my computer. Along the road we spotted three snakes soaking up the last heat of the day on the road. Sadly one did not look well, one was trying to hide and one had a very shaky head. I am not sure what that means. But the break was nice.

In the Real Estate world for me today……. I closed on a beautiful home for a buyer yesterday, so I was closing up the paperwork on that file. I was in touch with the buyer, who was busy working and going to school that she barely had time yet to enjoy her new digs. But I am guessing that right now she is sitting on her deck, watching her cute little dog and feeling very contented.

I received a call from an appraiser scheduled to evaluate a home that I am representing. After this, we can plan to move forward towards closing.

And another home I have listed is really fun because it is a first time home buyer purchasing it. She is expecting her second child. I like thinking about her future in this home and property. I know she already has lots of plans and ideas. But most importantly, this will be a permanent home for her family. And she is using the Rural Development program, which is available here in Montana, to purchase the house. What a great deal and what a great staff that administer the program. Right here in Missoula. We are very fortunate to have them and this great way to buy a home.

Today I received some information on a new listing that I am looking at on Flathead Lake. It was a perfect outing on Saturday, to get out of this smoke and up to the lake. So today, I looked at all my pictures and started researching the property. This is some of my favorite work.

As this is my first blog, I am not sure how long to go on for. Perhaps, I have already blogged for too long?? But each day is full of people and outings and stories. It truly is a lot of fun. And I think this will be nice to talk about how it all goes. Real Estate has gotten a bad rap in these past years but it is fascinating if you are interested.

Enough for today.  I will try to be consistent and come back sooner than later.


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