Reunions–so nice to connect

I just returned from my high school reunion. It was truly an experience. Many of us had the same thoughts and feelings. I am not going to share the number of years it was, but one thought that many of us had was remembering our grade school years and into junior high school. OK, I may be dating myself to call it junior high school.
They all laughed at lunch, when we were talking and I said “at my age” …… Someone said “Joy” we are all your age! We discussed parents gone or parents in need of care. Selling the family home or someone in the family buying the family home. We walked the old neighborhoods and even knocked on doors and talked to the “new owners”. Some had been there for 20 years or more.
We all had so much in common. The same town, same age, same schools. My parents were a bit older than everyone else’s, but still the issues were the same. I just went through them sooner. Dealing with accumulations of stuff from many years. Working with siblings through the legal maze of estates and selling. And then, saying good bye.
So when I left on Tuesday, saying good bye was hard. We all promised we would get together before another ten years goes by. But oh how fast ten years (and 20 and 30….) can go.

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