JOY EARLS: What you need to know about title reports

What is the first thing that people think of when buying a home? I can guess the top five might be deciding on the optimum location, choosing the style that best suits current needs, age (home or person), number of…

Joy Earls: For sale by owner

When you know it’s time to sell your home you may consider selling it by yourself instead of bringing in a support team. Once the tough decision is behind you to move, thoughts often quickly turn to bottom lines. What…

JOY EARLS: In real estate, ’tis the season for open houses

Open houses abound in the spring. Home buyers start mapping their routes on sunny spring Sundays, deciding how to navigate through neighborhoods and a wide spectrum of houses. Owners, meanwhile, are making last-minute preparations hoping for one ready, willing and…

Joy Earls: The best things in life are free

The best things in life are free. What a great song with wonderful lyrics. When buying a home and prices seem higher than you can manage to reach for, these words may help bring the buying process down to earth.…

Joy Earls: Don’t act impulsively with real estate

Real estate decisions and transactions can have enormous impacts on our lives both financially and emotionally. Don’t get caught up in the pack, rushing into a major decision or moving just because everyone else says you will miss an opportunity.…

Real estate: Investigate before you have sticker shock

Sticker shock. Just saying those two words evoke memories, some positive if you are on the selling side, but more often gut-wrenching if you are on the buying side.

Real Estate: Music can help sell your home

Music is powerful and, while undeniably enjoyable, it has other surprising attributes. Reminding yourself of this could help you feel better and possibly have a more successful outcome if you are trying to sell your home.

Joy Earls: Gift ideas for homeowners on the move

Gift-giving season is officially here.

JOY EARLS: Think creatively about the future of your home, lifestyle

The holidays are coming, colder weather is approaching and for other reasons you can probably think of, it’s a good time to settle into your current home for another winter.

Joy Earls: Be sure your home is ready to sell when the unexpected occurs

“I’m going to live here forever.”

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